Short courses for home owners of period historical homes.
ABCT Academy aims to provide homeowners with an understanding of the conservation and restoration needs associated with their buildings.

Our short courses are led by conservation experts and will provide owners with theoretical and hands-on experience which can be difficult to obtain elsewhere.

Home owners will be included in ‘Question and Answer” sessions and a close look at case studies. Owners also have the opportunity to meet fellow historical and period home owners and share their experiences and stories.

The courses offer practical advice in conservation techniques in historical homes. Some of the subjects covered will include:

  • Salt damp remediation,
  • Stone restoration and conservation,
  • Lime mortars
  • Solid rendering
  • Use of breathable paints
  • Lime washing
  • Lath & plaster ceilings and walls
  • Blacksmithing
  • Timber conservation
  • Traditional roofing

Subjects may differ depending on venue.

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