Cornice ceiling - STABLISATION

Period buildings often experience sagging and cracking in lath and plaster ceilings. While ceilings are affected by all the normal wear and tear, structural shifting, leaks and temperature shifts, traffic and vibrations – they also have the additional stress of being at the mercy of gravity.
Ceiling surfaces tend to be some of the largest, unsupported surfaces in the building plaster systems; and when applied over wooden lath have a limited life span before they begin to break and pull away.
The good news is, they can be repaired and saved from further damage or replacement.

HSR has successfully reattached many lath and plaster ceilings by a ceiling stabilisation process, this involves injecting resin to create a new bond between the plaster and lath where the keys have been damaged and broken away over time. This technique uses modern adhesive materials that are easy to handle and cause minimal damage to salvable plaster, and will restore the lath and plasters integrity.

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