Brickwork is simply a construction made of bricks. The skills of Australian bricklayers today were English in origin, and have been handed down through the generations.
The bonds, finishes and decorative details used in Australian heritage buildings all have their antecedents in English brickwork. It is a skilled trade and often teams work in a certain level of hierarchy with the senior bricklayers doing the fine face work and highly visible decorative details and the junior bricklayers doing interior walls. HSR continue to employ bricklayers that have experience in heritage bricklaying and techniques.

There are a range of brick qualities, from commons which were cheap, rough and often intended to be hidden inside a building, to affluent and striking face bricks which are often seen on the fa├žade of heritage and architectural buildings. Bricks can also be produced in various colours, through a variety of yellows, oranges, reds and browns to black. Matching colours was often a challenge to early brickmakers, as the uncertain chemistry of their clay and fuel often meant two successive batches did not match.
HSR can source reclaimed and new bricks to match existing colours and characteristics.

Bricks, like stone, are a form of masonry and generally suffer similar conservation problems. However, the advantages of this building material are they are relatively inert chemically, meaning they are resistant to fire, fungus and insects. The most common conservation problem is simple damp.

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