Heritage Stone Restorations has a history of involvement in many large scale projects where special expertise and craft skills have been developed to conserve historic buildings.

Some of these restoration programs have utilised new technology and traditional methods used in the repair and restoration of stonework.

Such experience has brought with it high levels of expertise which extend from the feasibility and material analysis stage through to project management and on-site specialist skills.  This permits the flexibility to respond to sensitive restoration within a restrictive time frame which is vital to restoration in a sympathetic interpretation of damaged historical fabric.

Detailed carving and bankering often carried out in-situ requires a consistent degree of empathy to match the work of the original craftsman.

HSR recognises the need to conserve Australia’s historic buildings for future generations, and to conserve our cultural identity from early pioneer settlement.  Australia is defined by its historic built environment; our heritage is distinct and unique, reflecting the nation’s development over the past 200 year

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