Salt damp is the most common form of dampness encountered in old buildings. Salt damp (rising damp) is the vertical flow of water up through a permeable wall structure, the water derived from the ground. Water and salt rises through the pores (capillaries) in the masonry.

To treat salt damp, HSR have a variety of methods that typically involve the installation of a chemical DPC, such as injecting a siloxane fluid using specialist injection equipment, or, for friable and deteriorated masonry, a gravity feed method is more appropriate.

However, the introduction of damp proofing cream has simplified the process. The cream is delivered by hand pressure only, from a simple pump and an injector lance. This reduces chemical spillage and is therefore more environmentally friendly.

HSR specialises in various poulticing methods that are applied to the stone or brick surface to remove any concentrated salts as part of the salt remediation treatment.


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