Masonry Cleaning

HSR is an accredited and approved masonry cleaning company specializing in a variety of methods. We undertake a sympathetic approach to the building fabric and use the latest cleaning techniques combined with traditional cleaning methods

  • Paint removal/Poultice Cleaning techniques (Peelaway)
  • JOS Cleaning Technology
  • Captive Head Washing/desalination process

Paint removal/Poultice Cleaning techniques (Peelaway)

Peelaway is a unique paint removal system that removes multiple layers of paint in a safe, contained process.

It is suitable for the removal of Lead and Oil paints, Acrylics and Polyurethanes, Epoxies and Asbestos paints on heritage listed buildings, commercial application and residential renovation.

JOS Cleaning Technology

HSR specialises in stone cleaning techniques using the latest JOS patented chemical-free, low-pressure, rotating vortex process. It works gently and it works effectively.

The cleaning technology operates with an extremely low, and variable, air pressure (between 0.1 and 21 PSI) which can be regulated with water and an extremely fine granulate such as calcite.

JOS cleaning technology can also be used to remove old layers of paint without the use of chemicals, clean natural stone and tiles, remove fire damage, clean off oxidation on bronze, brass, copper, anodised aluminium and other surfaces.

This system is in use across Europe and has been used on prestigious projects in Australia.

Captive Head Washing / Desalination Process / Steam Cleaning

Water-based Conventional cleaning includes steam cleaning, sponging, intermittent nebula sprays (which create a fine mist to slowly soften the dirt layer), water/clay poultices, rinsing and pressure washing. Water is an effective solvent and can be used hot or cold, and as a liquid or vapour. It is suitable, in limited quantities, for most substrates, and it is particularly useful for removing sulphate crusts from limestone, for some coatings, for superficial deposits and surface biological growths.



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