Heritage Training Programs


We offer the only national heritage skills training programs

All courses are led by Keith McAllister of Applied Building Conservation Training (ABCT), the training provides participants with both theoretical and hands-on experience in the areas of Stone Conservation, Heritage Painting, Lime Mortar Technology, Repointing Techniques and much more. The programs are a great opportunity for construction workers looking to up-skill, apprentices and heritage professionals.

Upon completion of all courses, participants will receive a recognized Heritage Skills Trade certificate.

Why train with ABCT?

Principles of Heritage Restoration and Conservation

Understanding the principles of heritage restoration and conservation and applying this knowledge in practical projects.

Techniques of the Traditional Trade

Learning advanced heritage techniques across a range of traditional trades such as Architectural Stonemasonry, Heritage Bricklaying, Lath & Plaster, Timber Conservation and Heritage Painting.

Identifying common problems in Heritage Building Structures

How to solve some of the most common problems you’re likely to come across in a traditional property. Identifying the approvals required to undertake work on a listed building. Planning and preparing to undertake practical work on a listed structure, as well as knowing what appropriate conservation materials to be used.