Carmelite Archbishops Residence

Forming part of the Carmelite Monastery, the original section of the Roman Catholic Archbishops residence was built by Adelaide architect Albert Conrad in the early 1900’s. The residence was designed in a ‘modern domestic gothic style of architecture’. It remains listed as a state heritage building.

HSR are currently undertaking the conservation and restoration of the Carmelite Archbishops residence.

The scope of works include:

  • Specialist masonry facade cleaning using the Doff system and Biocide treatment
  • Demolition of non-original buildings and fabrics
  • Stonework repair and conservation works
  • Repointing
  • Tower and Chimney works including strengthening
  • Construction of new brick quoins
  • Heritage roofing
  • Salt damp injections
  • Repairs to salvaged crosses
  • Reinstating original stone and brick features